Professional Development and VAPA Plan Updates

Beaumont Unified School District
Publication Date: 
Thursday, May 16, 2019

Beaumont USD has inaugurated the Visual and Performing Arts Integration Professional Learning series!  This was made possible through the allocation of funds from the SSAE Grant. Four sessions were available to 30 to 40 teachers of all subjects in the district.  Participants learned how to integrate Visual and Performing Arts into their lesson plans to help build context for learning, deepen understanding, and support English Learners access content more effectively.  The funds from the SSAE Grant were also used to pay for substitutes or stipends.  Each session had a different focus.  Participants were eligible to attend one or more sessions.  

As a result of the funds allocated from the SSAE Grant, Beaumont Unified School District will be reviewing and updating its VAPA Plan. A representative from each grade level and arts curriculum area is expected to participate in the update of the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) plan. Representatives from the classified staff and administrators are expected to participate as well. There was also a planning meeting in February about the process for updating the Beaumont USD VAPA Plan. All Beaumont USD teachers and staff were invited. Representation from the elementary, middle school and high school staffs are expected to participate in updating the VAPA plan. At the first meeting there was a discussion of the goals of the VAPA plan update and the support that is received from the funds of the SSAE grant.

Visual and Performing Arts Plan Update Meetings 

Arts Integration Bootcamp