Do you have a passion for the arts and believe that an integrated arts education is essential for our children? Are you concerned that our children may not learn the creative skills necessary to compete in today's business world if arts education is eliminated?


The HB Alliance for Arts Education is seeking parent volunteers from each school in the Huntington Beach and Ocean View districts to serve as Arts Advocates. The Advocates will:

  • Share important Arts Education information and action items (elections, school board budget votes/decisions, etc) with parents, teachers and principals at their school.
  • Communicate any arts challenges that the school is facing, such as budget cuts, loss of teachers, transportation issues or lack of supplies to the Alliance for support.
  • Stand together with Arts Advocates from our other schools, teachers, local business and government representatives to support our school boards as they continue to roll out their planned arts education curriculum.
  • Communicate upcoming school arts events, recitals, plays and award ceremonies to the Alliance for promotion to the school board, city and media.

For more info contact the HB Alliance for Arts Education (hbartsed@gmail.com)