Art in District LCAPs: Tools and Best Practices

Each June, every school district in California is required to submit a three year Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) as part of the state's new school funding formula. New resources from the California Alliance, Arts for LA and Arts for All offer a look at trends in the ways that districts are investing in arts education and a closer look at a few strong examples from actual LCAPs and how advocacy played a role in these districts. 

Arts for LA and LA County Arts Commission Arts for All have released findings from a research initiative analyzing all 81 school district LCAPs in LA County. The research provides baseline information on the number of districts that included the arts in their LCAPs, which state priority areas are linked to the arts, and the types of arts programs being funded at schools. The findings will also provide a broad sense of trends for how arts education strategies are being used by school districts. 

The California Alliance for Arts Education has released 5 Examples of Arts Education in District LCAPs, a document that offers a close look at how five districts invested in arts education in their 2014 LCAPs. The examples include a variety of places and approaches - from a rural district investing in an arts plan to increase access district-wide, to an elementary district with 41% English Language Learners (ELL) funding the development of Common Core aligned arts integration lessons to support ELL student achievement.