2017 Student Voices Campaign

In California, students are guaranteed a voice in planning and budgeting for their local school district. The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) requires that districts consult with students, parents, teachers and community members each spring to create an official plan for the coming years. The Student Voices Campaign is a creative way for young people to make their voices heard in their school district.

Launched by the California Alliance for Arts Education, the Campaign invites students in grades 7-12 to create videos that show their vision for better schools and their education to share with their school district leaders as part of the annual LCFF planning process, between November 1, 2016 and April 1, 2017.
The Classroom Guide that structures the campaign as a project-based learning opportunity. It uses California Social Studies Standards, National Core Media Arts Standards and anchor standards from Common Core.
Click to download. The Guide includes:

 1. Modules that cover a process of visioning, civic engagement, making the case, collaboration and    sharing their videos in the community  
 2. Information about the role for students in school policymaking
 3. A video production handbook

Teachers: The guide is recommended for grades 7-12 for any subject area. It had been used by Media Arts, Theater, Art, History/Social Study, CTE, and English teachers.  

Timeframe: The project takes place over 5-8 weeks, depending on how many times a week you see students and whether the production phase is completed during class. We invite you to structure the project in a way that makes sense for your classroom. 

Equipment: Ideally teachers will have access to computers and video cameras, but the guide offers strategies and shortcuts if access to technology is limited.

Questions: If you have more detailed questions, feel free to contact Sibyl O’Malley at the California Alliance for Arts Education sibyl@artsed411.org or 626.578.9315 ext. 102

Visit the Campaign site: www.StudentVoicesCampaign.org

Download the 2016-2017 flyer

With support from the California Arts Council and Sony Pictures Entertainment, the program includes:
  • Student Voices Summit & Screening, Spring 2017: This student-focused learning event, the culmination of the Campaign, will bring together students, teachers, and other stakeholders to screen Student Voices videos, explore student-led advocacy projects, and teach digital storytelling.
  • Classroom Engagement: The Teacher’s Guide equips teachers to use the Campaign as a project-based learning opportunity for students to actively explore real-world problems and challenges. Using California Social Studies Standards and National Core Media Arts Standards, the lessons provide a creative way for students to participate in community discussions and planning related to district Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAPs).
  • Student Leadership Lab: The purpose of the Student Leadership Lab is to identify, document, and share examples of effective student leadership training and student-led advocacy. As local districts set priorities and funding allocations to comply with LCFF, young advocates have an important role to play in shaping their education. The Lab will promote inspired examples of how students are using an arts-based approach to realize the role envisioned for them in LCFF community engagement guidelines. The Lab will support student leadership models at two demonstration sites, one school-based (Arcata Arts Institute Student Ambassadors) and one for community arts organizations (Arts for LA, Get Lit, and Venice Arts).